Excursion and preparation for care of biologically valuable locality Řepská step

In 2021 we started cooperation with Scout Group from Bílá Hora and state authorities responsible for management of biologically valuable locality Řepská step, which is situated on former military area. Because of this former landuse a specific vegetation of heath and sandy land developed here and some rare animals found refuge here. Unfortunately at the present shrubs and dominant grasses overgrow this biotope.  

Therefore we started planning managements that would be suitable for locality and Scouts as well. At first we will tear a greensward off some suitable places to reestablish a bare soil that is essential for some plants and insects, especially Hymenoptera, that use a bare soil for nesting.

An excursion was held there on 26 May 2021. We got acquainted with interesting plant species growing there, we mapped an extension of heath occurrence, found a small interesting grass Corynephorus canescens which grows only on the sandy bare soil and sandy places where bumblebee and other Hymenoptera nest. We also had a discussion on benefits of this specific management, explained that such biotopes are more and more rare because of quick overgrowing and that they are very important for many organisms.

Corynephorus canescens

Photo by Jindřich Prach.

Photo by Libor Zdařil.

Due to this excursion perhaps young people from Scout learned about interesting surroundings near to their clubhouse and understood modern approaches to nature conservation.