Managing the locality of Radotínské skály with scouts

On 12.11.2022, the youngest children from the scout group 5. květen Radotín gathered for a long-awaited event where they could experience what management supporting protected natural habitats can look like. The fieldwork followed a spring field trip to the same locations, during which the children learned about what makes a site valuable from a natural history and conservation perspective and how they can help. Although the children could not wait to pick up their tools, we first visited a nearby important site with fossils – Nature park Orthocerový lůmek and then we took a small hike through the surrounding countryside to Radotínské skály. During the snack, the children recalled interesting species of plants that grow here and which are the focus of the management. Although they were mostly pre-school children, they managed (with the help of the leaders) to do a nice job. The scouts removed several shrubs of the Golden chain tree (Laburnum anagyroides) – an ornamental shrub, but also an invasive plant that is capable of gradually overgrowing the steppe (along with other species), including several dozen seedlings of this species already. They then removed the branches with many seeds (and potential new plants) from the site, preventing further spread. They also managed to clear 2 oak trees from the surrounding scrub, thus brightening up areas where Lady orchids were growing. The children really enjoyed the work and are already looking forward to coming back in the spring to see how the orchids are doing.