Autumn excursion to NPR Děvín

On October 21, 2023 and October 28, 2023, long-awaited excursions for the general public took place in the Pálava Protected Landscape Area, during which the participants learned how traditional farming was done in the Czech Republic for centuries, or in most lowland forests in Europe. During both excursions we moved on the northeastern slopes of the Děvín National Nature Reserve, where a forest called oak-hornbeam spreads. This forest has been managed as a coppice for many centuries (it is characterized by regular cutting of trees at relatively short intervals, the trees are then renewed from stumps or roots). During walks through the forest we made several stops, during which we said something about oak-hornbeam in general, about what coppicing actually is and what benefits it has, during a short stop with a tour of the ruins of Děvičky Castle we talked about the history of this type of management in our area and finally we went to see the new clearings from spring 2022, where we discussed the present and hopeful future of coppicing in the Czech Republic. During the excursions, brochures “Growing from their stumps” were distributed, in which the participants could obtain more detailed information on the whole topic and deepen their knowledge.