Raking leaves with Brontosaurs

On the weekend of September and October, an event took place in cooperation with the ROTATE project, the Brontosaurus movement and the Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic (NCA), the Administration of the Český kras Protected Landscape Area. In addition to an excursion around the area, environmental education games and the like, a group of fifteen volunteers participated in raking leaves at one of the conservationally important forest-steppe sites (Čihadla above the village of Srbsko). The place is important for its rich population of the orchid red-headed lanceolate. Occasional digging, especially oak leaves, thus helps to maintain a relatively oligotrophic uninvolved lawn under scattered trees. The participants thus tried traditional management in practice and participated in discussions on the reason, meaning and sustainability of this action in broader conservation contexts.


Anacamptis pyramidalis