Voluntary work in Podyjí NP

On Saturday, 23 March 2024, a work in the horse corral was held in Havraníky in cooperation with NP Podyjí, which brought together a total of 14 adults and several children of different ages, as evidenced by the attached photos. The aim of the brigade was to clear the corral of brush, branches and rosehip bushes to make the area more light and more permeable for the Exmoor horses, which help with the removal of expansive grasses and trees by moderate grazing.

In addition, we have been busy cleaning the horse shelter and around the watering trough to make the horses more comfortable. During the work, we also exchanged experiences regarding pasture management, the importance of thinning forests and discussed stumping techniques. All those interested were given brochures with detailed information on the subject.

After the work was done, we enjoyed a well-deserved reward of toasted “špekáčky” and went on a short excursion. Together we enjoyed the beauty of the saved part of the pasture, which was full of flowering coneflowers and sand moss. We thank all the participants for their contribution to landscape maintenance and look forward to more events together!