Děvín excursion

On Monday, April 15, 2024, we prepared an excursion for the students of the Boskovice Gymnasium to the locality of Děvín (Pálava Protected Landscape Area).

We went through the different types of forest ecosystems, from warm-loving oak forests on rocky outcrops, through Pannonian oak-hornbeam forests on the southern slopes of Děvín, and through dry forests on the NW slopes of Děvín. We focused on the tree and shrub species that make up the tree and shrub floor, and also looked at some of the important forest understory species.

In particular, the history and present of forest management on Děvín was part of the presentation, with a practical demonstration of the coppice-type forest and interventions in the clearings (see photo), which are created as part of targeted forest thinning to promote species diversity of plant and animal species. We presented the students with methods of data collection in permanent plots, and introduced them to the use of microclimatic sensors and dendrometers.

In the grazing area, we managed to observe a typical inhabitant of the local area – the violet oil beetle (pictured), in addition to species of the spring and summer aspect of the herbaceous layer.

Despite the bad weather and occasional rain, we successfully finished the excursion in Pavlov, where we gave the students and their teachers brochures on forest management and other materials related to the research of forest complexes in Děvín. A short quiz for small gift items was also the conclusion of the excursion.