About project

Application of traditional knowledge to halt biodiversity loss in woodlands

Project identification code

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Principal investigator
Jana Doudová (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)

Ondřej Vild (Institute of Botany, CAS)
Lukáš Čížek (Biological Centre, CAS)
Robert Lewis (Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research)


Project description
The aim of the ROTATE Action is to support the biodiversity of organisms associated with traditional forms of forest management (coppicing, pollarding, leaf litter removal) in Central and Northern Europe. Interdisciplinary approach will ensure overcoming of existing barriers that prevent the introduction of knowledge into practice. The outputs will be processed in the form of scientific publications, workshops and conferences and in the form of an approved methodology that will reflect the needs of application guarantors. A wider transfer into practice and sustainability beyond the project is expected, which will be guaranteed by several application guarantors. The outputs will include monitoring of selected groups of organisms and ensuring long-term care of selected sites.

The ROTATE project benefits from a € 1.000.000 grant from Norway Grants and Technology Agency of the Czech Republic within the KAPPA Programme.