Within the ROTATE project we organize educational events for various groups of people interested in forest and non-forest habitat conservation (government employees, non-profit organizations, private farmers).

With volunteers from non-profit organizations, we regularly take care of biologically valuable sites managed by the AOPK ČR on the territory of the Bohemian Karst Protected Landscape Area.

We also develop cooperation with the Scout Institute, where we act as guides within its educational programme Patronates in the territory of the capital city of Prague.

In April 2024

we organised an excursion for students from Boskovice.

In March 2024

voluntary work in the Podyjí National park was held to remove shrubs and keep the locality open.

In October 2023

The participants of two excursions to the Děvín natural reserve learned about coppicing as a traditional management, its history, present and future.

On 18-19 September 2023

we organized the workshop Experience with traditional forest management II in Hnanice, Podyjí National park.

On 15 June 2023

we went on an excursion with Radotín scouts to see a flock of sheep and goats.

On 26-27 April 2023

the Czech and Norwegian teams met in Norway

In March 2023

Scouts from the Písklata scout group visited and checked the habitat of the early star-of-Bethlehem near Hrušovský pond.

In November 2022

the Radotín Scouts helped with active management, especially of the invasive shrub Golden chain tree (Laburnum anagyroides), on the locality of PP Radotínské skály…

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In October 2022

we organized various activities for members of the Brontosaurus Movement in the Bohemian Karst, including the traditional management of raking leaf litter…

In May 2022

we have involved a group of scouts from Radotín in the Patronates program, where we lead them in the care of valuable sites of the natural monument Radotínské skály…


In April 2022

we led the group of volunteers within Patronates program on the care about the locality with critically endangered plant Gagea bohemica

In January 2021

together with scouts from Bílá hora, we started taking care of a biologically valuable locality Řepská step

In May 5, 2021

we participated in the organization of an educational conference Sustainability Days

In August 6

we participated in the organization of the Science camp in the Museum of Nature of Bohemian Paradise…

In October 13 and 14, 2021

we organized a workshop in Hostim by Beroun. It was focused on traditional management practises in forests…

In October and November, 2021

we organized two experiential educational weekends in the valley of the Bubovický stream…

On November 17, 2021

we led a day-long educational event with active management on an overgrown woodland with the occurrence of Adonis vernalis

On November 21, 2021

together with volunteers from the water scouts, we carried out an active management on overgrown dry grasslands in the Bohemian Karst Protected Landscape Area …